Millions of Americans Rely on Bridges

An Associated Press analysis of 607,380 bridges found that 65,605 were classified as "structurally deficient" and 20,808 as "fracture critical."  Continued improvement and maintenance of America’s transportation infrastructure is vital to our society.

We collaborate closely with our clients and governments to ensure all work exceeds safety standards.

Asphalt & Polymer Overlay Removal

By milling, scraping, and grinding existing over-layments are removed from bridge decks to allow concrete repair, new membranes and overlay installation.

Structural Pothole Patching

Potholes cause damage to vehicles and creating a safety hazard to motorists.  If left un-repaired, a pothole can grow exponentially.  By cutting the perimeter and removing loose concrete, exposed reinforcement is sandblasted and primed.  Rapid Setting Highway Patch is installed with a two-hour cure.  Once complete, the deck is returned to use or may receive a membrane or overlay by ProTech.

Polymer Overlay

To protect bridge decks from salt and moisture while providing a non-skid surface, polymer overlay is applied in two coats.  ProTech installs over 1.5 million square feet annually exceeding aggressive schedules by self-performing all surface preparation and application with proprietary automated equipment.


To extend the life of an existing Polymer Overlay, loose material is removed and Structural Pothole Patching is performed.  Polymer Overlayment is removed six inches beyond the repair followed by sandblasting.  A Polymer Overlayment patch is installed.  As instructed by the Owner, the existing surface and new patches may be shot blasted and overlaid with a single layer of Polymer Overlay to provide additional protection and aesthetics.


Designed for a 30-year bridge deck rehabilitation solution, Polyester Polymer Concrete (PPC) is the most durable overlay on the market.  Using mobile mixers and specialty paving equipment, ProTech installs PPC at 3/4” to 2” thickness.


A less expensive option to an overlay, Epoxy or HMWM based Healer/ Sealer is designed to allow penetration into the bridge deck surface to seal pores and cracks.  Applied in one application and broadcast with sand for a light texture, this application will provide years of additional service to a bridge deck.


Membranes are applied to protect the bridge surface from moisture intrusion.  Installed on a fast track basis, new asphalt paving is installed simultaneously and allowed to cool.  Within hours, motorists are traveling over the new bridge surface with minimal traffic interruption.  ProTech applies Cold Spray Applied Liquid (Polyurea) and Peel n Stick bituminous membranes.  On a railroad bridge, integrated rubber may be included with spray applied systems to reduce vibration and provide sound dampening characteristics.


Structural cracks in concrete walls, columns, and beams not only allow water intrusion but create a structurally unsafe condition for motorists.  By injecting epoxy under pressure full depth into the cracks, structural integrity is restored and moisture is kept out.  Combined with topical coating systems, the visual appearance of an injected surface is restored.


When a bridge column or beam is deteriorating and in need of repair or replacement, high-performance resin and carbon fiber is applied in multiple layers after structural concrete repair.  A finished appearance is restored by applying a light gray colored surface coating.


Bridge expansion joints are designed to allow movement between slabs.  ProTech can remove and install all types of joints including Strip Seal, Modular, Asphaltic Plug, Silicone and Hot-Applied Systems.  Through proper preparation and planning, joints can be removed and installed simultaneously with membranes and overlayments.


To finish a bridge deck rehabilitation project, concrete repair, and penetrating sealer may be provided parapet walls.

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"ProTech has earned my loyalty through commitment"

Brett Cline

President, Surface Solutions

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