Who We Are

ProTech constantly strives to provide our customers with the best quality products and services at competitive prices, while maintaining consistently higher levels of customer service than our competitors.  We accomplish this by providing quality products and a level of service second to none.  We fully intend to maintain a high standard of dedication, respect and appreciation for our employees, as we realize ProTech’s employees are ProTech’s most valuable asset.

About us

Heart, History and Experience.

Certified as Minorty/Woman Owned

As an emerging, small business that is SBA certified as Minority/ Woman Owned and DBE Certified in13 states, ProTech takes advantage of every opportunity to support the growth of small, disadvantaged, disabled, minority and women-owned entities.  It is our promise to assist in building skills and provide growth opportunity to produce a mutually rewarding, long-term relationship.


Established in 1996 by Jennifer Diamond, ProTech is a family owned, specialty construction company. ProTech is nationally recognized for Repairing and Protecting over 20 million square feet of concrete for State and Federal Organizations. ProTech’s technological advancements and innovations continue to preserve its heritage of outstanding quality, craftsmanship and competitive pricing.


We create solutions

We achieve quality on every project.


Not only does our DBE status help save you it allows us to give the most competitive pricing


With almost 30 years in business we know how to do the job right.

proprietary equipment

Some things... well only we can do. We have equipment that no other company has because we created it.

our benefits

Expertise and Experience

Benefit from the wealth of experience that ProTech brings to every project, with a team of seasoned professionals well-versed in various facets of construction.

Our Workers Love us

We cultivate a nurturing environment where they thrive. Their dedication fuels our success, and we're grateful for their commitment. Join us and feel the difference.

Emergency... NO PROBLEM!

We are quick to respond and quick to get a team out there.

Efficiency and Cost-Effectiveness

Protech can often achieve cost savings and increased efficiency compared to other companies. This is because of our DBE status and experience.

DBE Certified in 29 states

Overall, collaborating with DBE-certified companies offers numerous benefits for businesses, including meeting contract requirements, accessing new markets, enhancing diversity and inclusion, accessing specialized expertise, supporting economic development, building relationships and networks, and meeting corporate social responsibility goals.


"ProTech has earned my loyalty through commitment"

Brett Cline

President, Surface Solutions

“A refreshing and honest group to work with”

Ryan Wallwork

Comm. Specialist, Wasatch Electric

“Thank you for your attention to detail”

Rex Gleason

Facility Manager, Schreiber Foods

“My first choice for concrete repair and coatings installation”

Doug Gray

Territory Manager, BASF Corporation

“I would highly recommend ProTech for difficult installations requiring high quality, professional workmanship and tight deadlines”

Par Grandinetti

President, Rocky Mountain Pies

"ProTech has earned my loyalty through commitment"

Brett Cline

President, Surface Solutions

“Outstanding durability, schedule and quality”

Norm Coleman

Maintenance Supervisor, HC Brill Company

“Exceptional quality, budget and craftsmanship”

Charles Rodgers

Maintenance Engineer, Platte River Authority

Estimate &


Initiate the process with a thorough consultation to understand the client's vision, goals and pricing.



Develop a comprehensive project plan, outlining the construction phases, milestones, and timelines.


Construction & Execution

Assemble an experienced project management team to oversee the construction process.


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