Pot holes plague the highway industry causing damage to vehicles and creating a safety hazard to motorists.  If left un-repaired a pot hole can grow exponentially in days.  By cutting the perimeter of the repair with diamond saw and removing loose concrete with a jack hammer the pothole is ready for repair.  For rapid return to service, hot applied polymer patch materials are installed and broadcast with aggregate for non-skid.  Mixed and heated with specialty equipment, these materials include fiberglass, recycled tires and granite rock.


For lifting slabs and void filling, ProTech uses polyurethane foam for rapid return to service.  Holes are drilled with and foam is injected as required.  Cured in 15 minutes, foam repairs create a permanent fix that will last a lifetime.



To repair large cracks in concrete, angled holes are drilled to intersect the crack at the midpoint beneath the surface.  Dowel bars are inserted and epoxied into place.

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"ProTech has earned my loyalty through commitment"

Brett Cline

President, Surface Solutions

“A refreshing and honest group to work with”

Ryan Wallwork

Comm. Specialist, Wasatch Electric

“Thank you for your attention to detail”

Rex Gleason

Facility Manager, Schreiber Foods

“My first choice for concrete repair and coatings installation”

Doug Gray

Territory Manager, BASF Corporation

“I would highly recommend ProTech for difficult installations requiring high quality, professional workmanship and tight deadlines”

Par Grandinetti

President, Rocky Mountain Pies

"ProTech has earned my loyalty through commitment"

Brett Cline

President, Surface Solutions

“Outstanding durability, schedule and quality”

Norm Coleman

Maintenance Supervisor, HC Brill Company

“Exceptional quality, budget and craftsmanship”

Charles Rodgers

Maintenance Engineer, Platte River Authority


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